Kenwa Mabuni the founder of Shito School, practiced under Master Itosu in Shuri. Then he studied under Master Higaonna in Naha, where he also studied under Master Miyagi, the founder of Goju School.

Master Kenwa Mabuni had studied all the traditional martial arts in Okinawa including Bo-jutsu and Sai, which he learnt from Master Niigaki and Master Meiha respectively.

Master Kenwa eventually formed his own school and named it Shito-Ryu derived from the names of his teachers Itosu and Higaonna.

Today Shito-Ryu has established itself as one of the leading styles of Karate practiced throughout the world. It is also one of the four styles recognized by the World Karate Federation. It is carved such carefully that all the techniques that are practiced are safe to be used and are practical and that is why Shito-Ryu is a major style in sports Karate.




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