Karate is a special martial art, which uses no weapons. This art developed in Okinawa and was handed down secretly for many generations.

It is a highly sophisticated martial art, which utilizes every part of the body scientifically and effectively and disables the opponent with various techniques such as Tsuki, Uchi, Geri, Nage, Gyaku, etc.

Karate is nowadays becoming popular, as people have started seeing it as a sport as well as a martial art that trains both the mind and the body. The real Karate is not just the fighting techniques but to become a better person through the training and practice of the art. The first aim of training is to develop the mind as well as the body. Actually, there is no first attack in Karate, the people practicing Karate must never forget it.

Since its origin, Kata has been the base of Karate. Hence, anyone can practice it either alone or with others. If it is practiced combining physical strength and spirit, it improves the health and the self-defense technique.

In India Karate has been recognized by the government and students achieving in Karate are given sports quota for higher education and are being awarded various scholarships as a measure to encourage them to achieve further.



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